Documentary Photographer

Born 1978 in Sigmaringen, living in Regensburg – Germany



October 2019 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Thinkboat (Sea-Eye) – Hafenmuseum Hamburg

August 2019 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Cafe Philoxenos in München

Juli 2019 Cinema Screening „The river is an ocean“ at Filmgalerie in Regensburg

Oktober 2018 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Stadtbibliothek in Amberg

September – Oktober 2018 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Pfarrbüro Mittendrin in Sigmaringen

Mai – Juli 2018 Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at KunstKulturQuartier in Nürnberg

August – October 2017 – Exhibition „The river is an ocean“ at Krankenhaus Barmherzige Brüder in Regensburg


Photo competitions

January 2019 – Shortlisted for the HIPA Photo-competition

January 2018 – Shortlisted for the HIPA Photo-competition in 3 different categories

October 2017 – Shortlisted for XXI Premio Internacional de Fotografía Humanitaria Luis Valtueña

Juli 2016 – Shortlisted for the Magnum Photo Awards 2016



May 2018 – Published in the HIPA Photobook 2018 „The Moment“

November 2017 – Magnum Portfolio Review and Group Critiques at the Leica Galerie in Frankfurt with Thomas Dworzak and Newsha  Tavakolian

Juli 2016 – Public lifetime Portfolio at LensCulture



April 2018 – In Nigeria for Rotary Action group supported by BMZ and Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

April 2017 – Rescue mission in the mediteranean sea with Sea-Eye




Mobile: +49 176 20331997



Rotary Action Group, BMZ, Birthing Kits Foundation Australia, Sea-Eye, Friends-4-Friends, Süddeutsche Zeitung,  ARD-Wien, Lensculture, Zeitschrift Natur, Africa Geographic,, Münchner Merkur, Mittelbayrische Zeitung, Südkurier, Allgemeine Zeitung Namibia, Schwäbische Zeitung, Kwerfeldein, Ökona Magazin


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