River Diver

Buta and his Crew from the Dala Township in Yangon, Myanmar dive in the dirty Yangon river, searching for iron parts of sunken boats in order to sell them on the market . They risk their lifes, but the money is much needed to feed their families. Buta is using a self made mask with a tube, connected to an oxygen compressor. Heavy chains around his shoulder helps him to go down fast and stay on the ground of the River. He can’t see anything while he is diving, because the river water is very dirty and he is just feeling the ground with his hands to look. A very dangerous job. While he is diving, the crew members make sure that he gets enough oxygen and pull him back up with a big rope later. At the day I was joining them, we found a big iron part, but we could not get it up as it was too heavy and stuck in the ground. A job without any safety.